Pregnancy discrimination is no child's play

Zero tolerance for pregnancy discrimination!

Pregnancy discrimination is a significant problem for equality in working life. It affects the career plans of women and the family plans of young adults in many ways. Pregnancy discrimination also affects the equal use of family leave between parents. The Ombudsman for Equality and 46 % of the trade unions get inquiries about the suspected pregnancy discrimination weekly, some trade unions every day.

The law explicitly forbids the discrimination of an employee on the basis of pregnancy or family leave. Despite this, it is still common for the knowledge of an employee’s pregnancy to affect their employment relationship. Pregnancy discrimination is a significant problem. However, few of those who suspect discrimination turn to authorities.

The Ombudsman for Equality calls for zero tolerans for pregnancy discrimination.  On this site you will find practical information and guidance, if you suspect discrimination on the grounds of pregnancy or family leave. If you suspect discrimination, please contact us.