The aims of the equality planning

The equality planning carried out in educational institutions is an ongoing process to create a shared view on e.g.

  • what an equal educational institution is like
  • which things can prevent the attainment of equality
  • which things promote equality in the educational institution.

The most important factor is that the educational institution's operations are assessed and developed from an equality point of view, and that this is clearly demonstrated in the documents that govern the educational institution's operations.

How often should the plan be drafted?

In principle an equality plan is drafted every year. It is, however, possible to agree on a two- or three-year equality plan rather than an annual review. The educational institution's needs and the measures included in the equality plan will, however, probably require that measures to promote equality are carried out on a continuous basis.

Equality planning that aims to develop the educational institution's operations, with commitment from everyone including the management and the participation of the students and staff, works as a tool in the purposeful and planned equality-promoting work being carried out at educational institutions.