Discriminatory advertisements for places of study

Advertisements for places of study cannot discriminate based on gender. By principle, study place advertisements cannot be directed only at women or men. The advertisement can only be directed at a specific gender in exceptional circumstances, if there is a weighty and acceptable reason for it.

If you suspect that a study place advertisement is discriminatory based on gender, you can contact the Ombudsman for Equality, who will bring the matter before the National Non-Discrimination and Equality Tribunal. The Tribunal can forbid the educational institution from continuing with or repeating the discriminatory advertisement, on pain of fine if required.

The Ombudsman for Equality may also bring the case before the prosecutor for the consideration of charges under the penal provisions included in the Equality Act. A prosecutor may carry out a prosecution on discriminatory advertising only based on a notice by the Ombudsman for Equality.

Others who are responsible for publishing a discriminatory study place advertisement can also be placed under criminal liability based on the general provision regarding discrimination in the Criminal Code.