Active information for all

As the aim is to ensure that educational institutions are carrying out purposeful and planned work in order to promote gender equality, active communication to students, guardians of students who are minors, and the staff is recommended about the work being carried out at the educational institution.

The communication channels that should be used for this are the educational institution's electronic media and potential printed guides, as well as the school's communal meetings, events and parents' evenings.

Effective implementation requires commitment

A prerequisite for the effective implementation of the equality plan is that the entire school community, including the management, is committed to the equality work being carried out in the educational institution.

The implementation of the equality plan will be successful when concrete measures have been agreed upon together, and the plan includes details on who is in charge if implementing the measures and schedules for implementing them. This turns a measure included in the equality plan into an everyday action.

The equality work may also cause resistance. Some might think that the equality work is unnecessary, or it may be seen as criticism against the person's own work. In these situations it is particularly important that the management of the educational institution show their support for the equality work that is being carried out, and that they are prepared to discuss the necessity of promoting equality.