Drafting an equality plan

The assessment and the measures that have been agreed upon are included either in a separate equality plan or in some other plan that the educational institution has. Schedules and persons in charge for the measures will also be included.

The equality plan does not have to be a separate document; instead the assessment of the equality conditions, the measures and the review can be included in another plan that the educational institution has. However, it is important for the sake of monitoring and following up that the points required by law are easy to find.

The educational institution can also draft a combined functional equality and non-discrimination plan. It is sensible to draft the equality plan and the non-harassment plan, which is required by the Non-Discrimination Act, together, as both plans relate to preventing discrimination and developing an equal and non-discriminatory learning community. When drafting an equality plan all requirements regarding the proceedings and contents must be met even when it has been combined with another plan that is being drafted in the educational institution.

It is not, however, functional to combine the equality plan, which aims to develop the operations of the educational institution, with the personnel policy equality plan which may be drafted by the educational institution as a work community.

The equality plan is approved according to the rules of procedure of the education or training provider and the educational institution.