International activity

The Ombudsman for Equality engages in active cooperation with both Nordic and European authorities for equality and non-discrimination. The aim of the cooperation is to develop anti-discrimination and pro-equality practice and to share expert knowledge and experiences regarding issues related to the law and its application.

International cooperation in which the Ombudsman for Equality participates

  • in the cooperation of Nordic Ombudsmen for equality and non-discrimination
  • the Ombudsman for Equality is a member of the European Network of Equality Bodies Equinet and participates regularly in its working groups
  • the Ombudsman for Equality cooperates with the European Agency for Fundamental Rights FRA and the European Institute for Gender Equality EIGE and the Council of Europe
  • in regards to the monitoring of international conventions on human rights, the Ombudsman for Equality reports directly to CEDAW and the UN Human Rights Council.
  • The Ombudsman for Equality also provides information to various ministries in order to monitor conventions on human rights and gives statements on international conventions on human rights.

The Finnish Equality Act and the work of the Ombudsman for Equality are topics of international interest. The Ombudsman for Equality also cooperates with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs during meetings with international guests, and discusses Finnish gender equality with foreign journalists, officials and representatives for organisations several times a year.