Family-friendly values manifest themselves in the best workplaces as strategic choices and a value, as well as diverse practices and concrete solutions. Forerunning employers understand that family-friendly values engage employees, add prosperity and thus benefit the entire organization.

Good family-friendly practices:

  • Good and lawful recruitment practices in which family situation does not affect the selection of employees 
  • Employees are encouraged to exercise their right to family leave
  • Practices of family leave are known to all employees  
  • Discussions between the supervisor and the employee leaving for family leave
  • Communication during the family leave according to the wishes of the employee on family leave 
  • Return discussions and induction, when an employee comes back from parental leave
  • Family-friendly values as part of progress reviews
  • The development of flexibility concerning family situations, and informing about it 
  • Management as an example: also management uses family leave when relevant
  • Training management and supervisors on the legislation of family leave 
  • Goal-oriented equality planning which takes into consideration family-friendly values and practices associated with family leave as part of the organisation's activities, development and management 


Family-friendly values are a strategic choice, a value and concrete practical actions.