Are you pregnant or planning on having a child? Find out about your rights

It is ok to apply for jobs even when you are pregnant



  1. Pregnancy does not make you unfit for a new job. If you find an interesting job advertisement, send an application. 
  2. You do not have to tell about your pregnancy during any phase of the application period. You can also refuse to answer any questions that are related to children or having children. Your refusal must not affect the recruitment decision.
  3. If your new job could endanger you or your unborn child, tell about your pregnancy to your employer after you have been selected for the job. Occupational safety measures will ensure your well-being and create a safe work environment until your maternity leave begins.
  4. The employment decision cannot be affected by pregnancy, children or family leaves. This also applies to fixed-term jobs. The employment decision must be based on the evaluation of the applicant’s skills. 

I am in an employment relationship and I am pregnant. What should I do?



  1. Inform the employer of your pregnancy at least 2 months before you intend to go on maternity leave. You are not obligated to tell anyone about your pregnancy before this. Your pregnancy, children and family leave plans are your private business.
  2. Your status in the work community must not worsen when you are pregnant or when you inform your employer that you will go on family leave. Your pregnancy cannot affect your salary or the distribution of your work duties unfairly, nor your right to train or progress in your career.
  3. No one can be dismissed due to pregnancy, and pregnancy is not grounds for terminating an employment relationship during a trial period.
  4. If you are on a fixed-term contract, your pregnancy or family leave cannot affect the continuation of your contract or making your contract permanent. In addition, remember that your fixed-term contract cannot be set to end at the beginning of your family leave. 

I am on family leave. What can I expect from my employer?



  1. If there are organisational changes at your workplace during your parental leave, you have to be taken into consideration in the same way as other employees. Agree with your supervisor on how you will stay in touch during your family leave.
  2. During your family leave, you may not be made redundant for financial or production-related reasons unless your employer closes down all their activities.

I am returning back to work from family leave. What should I do now?



  1. A good workplace will prepare for your return with care and welcome you back with open arms. You have the primary right to continue in your previous work duties.
  2. Your employer may not replace you with a new employee or substitute, even if your employer thinks they are more qualified than you.